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The ACM MCPC (Moroccanan Collegiate Programming Contest) is a sport programming Moroccan championship held annually under the auspices of ACM (Association for Computing Machinery). The contest has consistently showcased the best students from IT departments, in which students who wish to advance in this field have regularly distinguished themselves in universities. Competing in MCPC and preparing for it gives students a chance to improve their skills as well as an opportunity to show themselves to the world-wide IT community. Every contest has its rules. Each team of three people is provided with one computer and given 5 hours to solve 10 to 12 fairly difficult problems. To solve a problem means to write a program that will successfully pass all tests prepa; by a jury. The team, which solves the biggest number of problems, wins. If there are several teams, which solve the same number of problems, the winner is determined by comparing time penalties. Today computer programming has no bounds. It became a real intellectual sport watched by leading IT-corporations and all those who are interested in developing of computer technologies.


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